Programmatic Advertising

Serve targeted advertising to consumers across multiple platforms or devices

Imagine being able to target the ideal customer as they are surfing the internet placing your messaging and ads in front of them at the right time. We leverage both first and third-party data to precisely create a captive audience segment which enables delivering the right ad to the right user at the right time.Welcome to the era of person based advertising whereby you are able to create hyper targeted  campaigns that appeal to each user individually.This is made possible through the use of algorithms and most importantly working with advertisers to achieve their campaign goal

Place your ads in front of your ideal consumers through harnessing the power of programmatic advertising.Ad inventory is bought and sold in real time through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Through enhanced targeting options available advertisers are able  to purchase ad inventory on a  case by case basis therefore users who are part of your target audience will be subjected to the ad

Harness the power of programmatic advertising by accessing media inventory on display,mobile,social and video platforms

Audience Targeting

Define the criteria of who should be able to view and interact with your ads minimizing ad spend wastage.This is all possible through targeting users based on their behaviour across multiple devices and platform

Audience Targeting
Cross Device

Cross Device Targeting

On average an individual user makes use of a combination of devices (mobile, tablet & computer) to access the internet.We are able to target an individual user and place your messaging in front of them as they are switching devices to access the internet at scale


Access granular information about your campaigns ad placements , type of customers viewing the ads and costs related to the ad campaigns.

Real Time Data

Real Time Data

Advertisers have the ability to measure how exactly a campaign is performing as soon as it is launched. Therefore advertisers have the ability to optimise and adjust ads drawing on real time  campaign data insights .

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